About Me

Where did I come from?

  • Born in USSR
  • Moved to USA when I was a teen

What is my training background?

  • Over 20 years experience playing soccer.
  • Had spells on a collegiate, semi-pro, and professional levels, locally and internationally.
  • Certified trainer through NASM and NCCPT. Strength and Conditioning Coach certified by NSCA.
  • Over 10 years of personal training experience.

What is the purpose of training with me?

  • I believe that human beings are designed to move and be active. Unfortunately modern lifestyle does not support that, therefore illness, disabilities and injuries hurt us.
  • I will help you get better and stronger. Once again you will play with your kids, lifts objects, participate in your favorite activities, run, throw, kick, toss and jump the way you were designed to.
  • We will train in the most holistic and organic way. You will reach your fitness goal through a combination of body weight exercises as well as loaded resistance training.

How to get a hold of me and why?

  • Call/text: 206.920.4679
  • Email: ivan@popovfitness.com. Find me on Facebook and Instagram.
  • I will create a personalized nutrition and training program just for you.
  • We train. You get results.
  • You are happy! It is simple.