Injury Rehab And Prevention

Understand this…

  • You are designed to move without pain.
  • If you cannot do the following basic movements without pain you need to talk to me.
  • Squat varaitions (bring your hips closer to the ground). Deadlift (lift objects off the ground in a “hinge” movement). Press (push an object away from body or body away from an object). Pull (grab and bring an object towards body or body towards object).


  • You should be able to rotate your trunk without pain. Hips and shoulders are designed to move in opposite directions to an appropriate degree without suffering discomfort.

  • If you have pain when moving, most likely the painful spot is not the problem. Lets figure out whats going on and how to fix it.

  • You have one body, make it function the way it is designed to and improve the quality of your life.

  • Injuries aren’t cool. Injuries are not an indicator of how “hard” you are or how bad ass your training is or how old you have become. Injuries is an indicator if faulty technique in your training program driven by the ego to lift more and ignore the proper mechanics of your own body.

  • Your broken body is a tell of how little you cared to maintain the only thing that will give you an ability to move yourself and manipulate the environment around you. Your impaired “vessel” is a product of overusing, over training or undermining your imbalances that you have created over time.

  • Unfortunately there are accidents and you get hurt, and no one is protected from those.
  • Fortunately, I have good news for you! You can minimize the chances of getting hurt. You can prevent and minimize your chances by improving your kinetic chain.
  • You can rehabilitate if you get hurt.
  • Just remember that it is much easier to maintain a fit and healthy body than reverse the damage!


  • Take your step towards a free-moving life. Let me help you.


What you get with me:

  • An individualized training program that will take into consideration all of your limitations.
  • Meal plan to match your fitness goals.
  • Supervision to assure safety and proper progress towards the fitness goals.

What’s your next step: