Strength Building

Understand the following…

  • If you want to get stronger, your training needs to have a lot of compound lifts. Deadlifts, squats, and presses.
  • Train with consistency. Slow and steady will get you better results than a two week blast – and quit.

  • Stimulate the muscles across the whole body with a single lift. No muscle in our body is “separate” from another. It’s a chain. Find your weak links. Train holistically.
  • Rest

  • Look here, building strength is a progressive process of getting slightly better than the day before today. Systematically follow the program. Stop getting “fancy” with angles and other “functional” training circus-like stuff. There are only so many movements that you need to execute in order to build strength. Think of words “staple,” foundation”, “basic” and fundamental when training for strength. Move heavy weights with proper technique. Identify your weak links and make them stronger.

What does the program look like?

  • The program includes fundamental compound movements like variations of a squat, deadlift and presses.
  • Building foundation of strength and then progressing to reach personal records.
  • Repetitions range, rest periods and other details specifically designed to improve your strength.

Your next step: