Soccer Development

What does it take to be a complete soccer player?

  • There are no secrets, magic tricks or shortcuts to be great. It is actually quite straightforward. Do not confuse it with easy.
  • ┬áThe beauty about this game is that all body types can be successful with the right attitude, a lot of effort on the training ground and in the training room, a bit of luck and patience.
  • With my help, figure out your limitations and weaknesses. Invest your time and effort to improve and develop the underdeveloped side of your game. Be it acceleration, aerobic capacity or a faulty passing technique.

What am I offering?

  • Strength and Conditioning program for youth and adults. It is specifically designed and modeled to match the European standards of youth and adult professionals from the biggest most reputable clubs.
  • I will help you build your physiological capabilities as related to soccer players . You will go through the strength and conditioning part of the game that is not glorified and talked about often, but is absolutely crucial in becoming a complete player.

  • Footwork, Ball Control and Ball Movement Development Program for youth and adult players.

  • High Intensity Interval Training will develop your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, improve repeated sprint ability, acceleration and agility.