Success stories:


Amber Van Der Mark

Elementary school teacher. Rugby player. Mountain climber.

Amber lost 42 lbs of fat in 4 months of training with Vanya and then 2 months of homework program while she was on vacation in Canada and Australia (even if you travel I will make sure you are not losing progress).
Amber had chronic knee and shoulder pain that was successfully rehabilitated through customized program just for her.


“I have been able to run longer without pain in my knee. I can run for 4km straight without pain in my knee during the run or after, even if I run on cement.
My endurance improved massively and I can last for the whole rugby game with ease like I used to in my prime.
I can do a 10-second hand stand, that’s how good my shoulder is now.
None of my clothes fit me, I have to make holes in my belt just to wear pants. I have to get all new clothes”


Kirk Davis

Attorney. Father. Every day warrior.


“When I first met with Vanya I wanted to obtain a basic level of fitness and to get rid of an ache that was going down the back of my leg. Within a couple of days of the program the ache from too much sitting in an office chair went away and I was hooked.
What sets Vanya apart from some other trainers is his absolute interest in his clients and his patience. He pushes his clients hard to get results, but he is also extremely diligent in making sure that your form is good so you don’t end up getting hurt. I’ve never hurt any of my joints or muscles despite lifting significant amounts of weight – weight that I never thought I’d be able to lift.
I highly recommend him for any person who wants to become an athlete or just get fit.”





“To help me concentrate on my fitness goals, I was set up with a personal trainer, Vanya Popov, which I am beyond thankful for. I just came off a knee injury and was in the worst shape I had been in for quite awhile. With Vanya’s help I was able to focus on my recovering injury, lose 13 pounds in just one month, gain confidence, and most importantly he taught me this is a lifestyle change, not just a diet. Thank you so much to Vanya for all of your help and for making the gym such a comfortable and enjoyable environment! I look forward to coming back to the gym when I move to Seattle permanently next year!”