Athletic Development

Important things to understand about athleticism:

  • Athleticism is determined by genetics.
  • However, reaching your genetic potential is done by putting work and effort in the training room.


  • Best athletes have the ability to collect their strength in the shortest time possible. Rate Force Development is the key.


  • Stop doing agility drills and plyometric training without building proper strength first. Ask me why you would be wasting your time otherwise.


  • Learn how to rest.  Have patience.


  • Every athlete is different but every one of them needs to do the same staple moves to build strength. Even though their goals are the same, to be better, faster, stronger, the training program will depend on their prior training level, injury history and other factors.


  • Stop wasting time and riding on your underdeveloped genetic abilities. Improve yourself as an athlete and start dominating.


What does the program look like?

  • A training program that will reflect your goal of becoming more athletic.
  • It will include drop jumps and depth jumps to increase your explosive leg power. We will train and incorporate some of the olympic lifts to improve the way your body generates power. The program will also include loaded and unloaded jumps to increase your sprinting and jumping ability. A number of high-intensity drills and training sessions, specifically, targeting to develop athletic ability, .
  • Meal plan to match your fitness goals.


What to do next:

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