Muscle Building

When building muscle mass understand that…

  • It is a short list of movements that are responsible for gaining muscle mass. Execute them when you train.

  • For maximized muscle growth you should train that muscle 2 times every 6 days.

  • If you do not feel the muscle during training – it is not stimulated enough. No growth will happen.


  • There is a single principle to gaining muscle – consistently put your muscles under tension while providing your body with enough nutrients to repair and build the body to be bigger and stronger. Now you tell me what you want. Bigger biceps? Muscular legs? Atlas-like shoulders? More rounded and toned butt? If you don’t know, no problem – we will figure it out.



What you get with me:

  • An individualized training program that will focus on building a muscle. Your training program will reflect the ultimate goal to get “big”. In a lot of ways the program will resemble a program of a powerlifter with a solid mix of bodybuilding routine.
  • Meal plan to match your growing body.
  • Nutritional supplements to promote growth. Never the steroids. Clean, healthy, organic supplements, like protein and essential amino acids.


What’s next…?